When you start up for the first time, please introduce little bit about yourself and we can discuss our date and arrange a time and place for our meeting. If you have any special request or choices, please be clear about them so I can prepare.

For the initial approach if you prefer to use email, please mention your name and the day with timing you would like to meet up. Please let me know little bit about you so that we could come to know each other better.

Etiquette is important in this kind of a relationship. Everything that goes on between us is exclusively confidential and I look forward the same of you. Likewise, I am always freshly showered and well-dressed for our date and I expect the same of you.

I am part-time Mumbai escort looking for male clients only and prefer dealing in cash. The most appreciable way to deal that matter is to discretely hand the money in cash to me. Kindly please do not give money through the credit card or paytm specially in the first ever meeting. Bargaining money cheapens the evening so let's not. Decent gentlemen don't need to be reminded about charges.