There are many quotes I like but newly I read a blog about Properties and there was a phrase that attracted me, it said as A renter is looking for perfection in their price range, but a buyer is looking to add values and I consider that it doesn't occur only in property market but in all face of our life. For example when we appoint an escort we look for the perfect in our range price but when we purchase we must add value in it.

Last thing I purchased and I loved; it is surely my new skirt. I had made up my mind for a while until I purchased it and I loved it now. It made me complete Indian cotton and the design of the shirt is printed with flowers that give me colorful feeling. This is a part of my photos gallery collection; you can see there my picture in red skirt.

As a travel escort some remarkable places I have travelled in this past few years in India. Few months ago one of my friends hired a luxury car and we travelled all over the pune, visining lonawala, and beautiful small bhoosi dam. Then we dined top rated restaurant. It was an unbelievable experience and I am looking forward to a new one.

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